Darlene Gauthier

  Are you that neighbor?

 The “Resident Corner” was designed for publishing resident stories that make  us laugh, cry, be happy, or get involved. The concept is to highlight  extraordinary behavior or exceptional happenings among the people who live in  our communities.

 I had a conversation with Lydia Vogel the other day. Lydia told me that she  and her sisters decided to take a trip to Nashville together. Lydia’s sister had left her car parked in  the lot at Bicentennial and they all got in Lydia’s car to begin their  travels. Somewhere along the way, Lydia  received a text from neighbor, Darlene Gauthier. Darlene notified Lydia that her sister had  left with car window open.  Lydia and her sisters were able to contact a  relative to cover the window and prevent any rain from soaking the interior of  the car.

 I’m proud of Darlene for taking a minute out of her day to notify her neighbor. These opportunities may present themselves  during any given day but not everyone would act on them, and Darlene did! Thank  you Darlene, for setting an example and being a great neighbor.

 If you have a neighbor that has done something extraordinary or acted in an  exemplary way, please email or call me and we can provide them with  acknowledgement in the “Resident Corner.” 


          SPRING HAS ARRIVED!- this is a reminder that you must obtain WRITTEN CONSENT from the Housing Authority for ANY planting that you may be planning.

            The Stove project for all properties, will be going out to bid this month.  Once the bidding closes, we can get the stoves ordered and look to have them installed before the summer!

            The Elevator repair and service contract has been awarded to Atlantic Elevator and is now in effect. Atlantic will be doing much needed repairs and upgrades to the elevator at Park Street.  Unfortunately this work will cause the elevator to be out of service for several days.  We will be notifying residents in advance so that they can plan accordingly.

           POLICY REVISIONS - At the May, Executive Board meeting, the Board of Commissioners voted to approve revisions made to the Tenant Lockout Policy and the Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy.  The revised policies have been posted on this website located under the "documents" tab.  Please review for your own information . The new Policies will also be posted on the Bicentennial, Cedar, and Park Court Community Center bulletin boards. Call the administrative office with any questions. 


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