Joyce Campbell

Our “resident’s corner” section of the website is to highlight our various residents, so that we all had a little more insight, in to who our neighbors are and where they came from. 

This resident, I’m guessing, traveled the furthest to get to our little corner of Mansfield. Ms. Joyce Campbell was born in Bolton, Lancashire, and three years ago, for the second time, became a Bicentennial Court resident. Her first residency at Bicentennial Court was in the late 1990’s. She had moved to Mansfield to be closer to her son, Michael. She only stayed a few years before she moved back to the UK to help her aging mother. When Joyce returned to the United States she lived in Colorado, near her second son. Eventually, Joyce found her way back to Mansfield, and again in 2016, became a Bicentennial Court resident. I hope that she receives triple miles for the travel she has done in getting here!

Joyce worked for 24 years as a US Federal employee in Washington, D.C. She is most proud of the four years she worked as a part of the Senate Armed Service Staff. She grew up in England, she had a brother and a sister, has great admiration for her parents, and feels family and faith were the biggest influences in her life. She loves to talk and habitually throws in humor between pertinent facts.

There are so many facets of Joyce’s life that I could have focused on but its her pleasant disposition, her sense of humor and her positive outlook that makes Joyce Campbell such a great neighbor!

Her questionnaire had Joyce saying that she would like to be remembered with fondness. She regrets leaving her homeland. She says that the future holds the love of her family and her three great-grandchildren. And finally, what she’d like to pass on to others reading this, is that we should learn to forgive. 

Joyce reminded me that we all have special qualities that have are fine tuned through our life experiences. Thank you, Joyce, for sharing your experience and wisdom!




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