William J. Rehill Sr.

They say the older you get , the wiser you become.  Recently I sent out a request for information from some of our residents that have lived the longest, asking them to impart some wisdom. 

The first to respond was Mr. William J. Rehill, Sr., a Park Street Resident. From the moment I met  Bill it was apparent that he is a conversationalist.  He has opinions and stories, and a very colorful approach.   

Initially we spoke about Bill's upbringing.  He was raised with three other siblings in Jamaica Plain and Mission Hill. His parents were kind, and his father taught him to treat people the way he wanted to be treated. He says Mary, the Blessed Mother, has provided him peace and guidance throughout his life. 

Bill is a Veteran.  He said that achieving military flying status in the U.S. Air Force was the happiest moment of his life. Bill also divulged that  his memory of hanging out of an aircraft in flight to take  pictures of Mount Fujiyama in Japan was one that he would like to hold on to forever. 

As Bill continued to share his life, it became apparent how he received the nickname of "Wild Bill" in his youth! While Bill likes to talk about his crazy past, he says that he has achieved a lot more than he ever believed he ever would. He would have liked to have told his 21-year-old self  "Don't sweat it, s--t happens! Live for today, let the past teach you a lesson and hope for the future. As for advice for the future generations, he suggests living by the Serenity Prayer.  Bill says he would like to be remembered as a good and fair guy; I think he has already achieved that status! 




POLICY REVISIONS - At the May, Executive Board meeting, the Board of Commissioners voted to approve revisions made to the Tenant Lockout Policy and the Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy.  The revised policies have been posted on this website located under the "documents" tab.  Please review for your own information . The new Policies will also be posted on the Bicentennial, Cedar, and Park Court Community Center bulletin boards. Call the administrative office with any questions. 


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