In the beginning...

Eddy Street: In 1951, the Authority constructed 10 houses, on Eddy Street, for veterans. Eddy Street has since become low-income family housing, where veterans continue to have preference.

Cedar Court: In 1958, the Authority constructed it’s Cedar Court Elderly housing development, consisting of 30 – one bedroom apartments. The Authority has since made one apartment into a community room, for the residents.

Bicentennial Court: In 1976, Bicentennial Court was built, consisting of 60, one bedroom, apartments, with an office building and community room.

State Grant In 1980:  The Authority purchased 5 houses, throughout town, for low-income families, with a grant from the State.

Park and Hawthorne Court: In 1985, the Authority constructed a 42 unit elderly apartment building at 15 Park Street, known as Park Court. With the same State Grant, the Authority constructed 4 duplex, three-bedroom, houses on Hawthorne Court, to assist low-income families. Along with the construction of Park Court and Hawthorne Court, the Authority was able to construct a Maintenance garage that is located on Hawthorne Court.

Disabled Housing In 1988 the Authority constructed a group home for mentally and physically disabled individuals, at 651 South Main Street. This house is a duplex, with 4 bedrooms in each unit, and is now leased to Road to Responsibility, Inc., where the residents receive 24-hour care.